KaiVac 1250

The KaiVac 1250 is the smallest No-Touch Cleaning system yet, but delivers the same industrial strength capabilities as our other systems. The lightweight and upright design of this versatile system makes it extremely easy to maneuver, move up or down stairs or load into a vehicle. In fact, the compact footprint enables it to set on many standard janitors’ carts, including those from Rubbermaid® and Continental®. They’re perfect for smaller jobs or facilities, like elementary schools, nursing homes, daycare centers, c-stores, restaurants, residential and more.

Complete Cleaning for Healthy Results

Like all No-Touch Cleaning systems, the KaiVac 1250 is specifically designed to thoroughly capture and remove soil, bacteria and other harmful indoor pollutants. Each system combines automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum into a single integrated deep cleaning system. As a result, it’s scientifically proven to be 60 times more effective in reducing bacterial contamination than mops; which are more likely to spread contaminants than recover them. In fact, it cleans so well that it even beats the industry standards for food preparation areas. Besides cleaning better, it also cuts labor and chemical costs while inspiring worker pride.

Multipurpose Attachments for Total Building Cleaning

Like all No-Touch Cleaning systems, the versatile 1250 system accommodates an array of add-on components that instantly transforms it into a true multipurpose machine.


500 psi pump

Removable “black box” engine compartment for rapid repair and exchange

Extremely light and maneuverable

HEPA Fltered vacuum and blower

Perfect for climbing stairs or loading into vehicles

CRI Silver-Rated carpet extraction capability

Supports wide range of multipurpose adapters

Environmentally friendly design and methods

Part of a complete system including a full line of cleaning chemicals

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