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No matter the size or style of your property, complete cleaning practices are necessary to maintain a safe, sanitary and inviting environment. Proper upholstery and carpeting can help to create a comfortable environment but cleaning these surfaces can be tricky. From an office building in Burnaby to a hotel in Vancouver or Victoria, vacuums are a standard tool to have on hand. Traditional vacuum designs are loud, bulky and difficult to manoeuvre but backpack vacuums are the solution.

In the past, vacuuming has involved dragging heavy appliances from room to room, or struggling to squeeze attachments into tight areas. For those areas that are highly occupied with furniture, such as office desks or beds in hotel rooms, juggling power cords and large machines can be exhausting – not to mention time consuming. In those situations where time is of the essence, old-school appliances can be more of a hinderance than an asset.

Backpack vacuums offer an effective solution to traditional appliance designs. Carrying a vacuum cleaner on your back may sound difficult but it is much easier than lugging one behind you. A portable system makes it possible to achieve a full clean without having to move furniture to cut a path for your appliances.

With plenty of options for attachments, canister size and suction, backpack vacuums can help to create clean spaces easily and effectively. Proper cleaning products are necessary at home or in the workplace but some properties require a quicker turnover period. Cut down on cleaning time, without sacrificing results!

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