Transtar Sanitation Supply Ltd

ATLAS GRAHAM – Astrolene Tie-On Cut-End Dust Mop – Treated


PRODUCT CODE : AG – 22818 (18″), 22824 (24″)


The Astrolene yarn used in this dust mop is a blend of 4 synthetic fibres. Tightly twisted and heat-set, it resists fraying, does not produce lint, and stands up in the wash. Drying time is half that of a standard cotton dust mop. Universal tie-on style of boot fits both 5″ collapsible or rigid frames. Treated with Velva Sheen Dust Control treatment to aid in picking up fine dust and particles.

  • Astrolene’s tight twist and special blend of synthetic fibres provide superior durability
  • Tie-on style can be used with either breakaway or rigid 5″ frames
  • Pre-treated with dust control treatment and ready to pick up dust on large areas of smooth flooring



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The Best staff!
Shirin Zah
nice and knowledgeable staff
Vinson Liu
Marlene is knowledgable and awesome. Selection is fantastic, products are very good and pricing excellent. One of my favourite vendors.
Sig McKone