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ATLAS GRAHAM – Golden Glove T-Bar


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Item Description Item # UPC Carton Dimensions Pack
10″ Golden Glove T-Bar 37610 032611019577 15.5 x 6.0 x 9.0 6
14″ Golden Glove T-Bar 37614 032611019591 15.5 x 6.0 x 9.0 6
18″ Golden Glove T-Bar 37618 032611019614 20.0 x 6.0 x 9.0 6
22″ Golden Glove T-Bar 37622 032611019638 24.5 x 8.5 x 7.0 6

Ettore’s T-bar is constructed of high-impact plastic with special water-holding reservoirs to keep the scrubber wet longer. Use with Ettore scrubber sleeves and wooden tapered window poles or Ettore extension poles.

  • Heavy-duty plastic T-bar for use with Ettore scrubbers
  • Accepts tapered extension or wooden poles for added reach
  • Deeply grooved T-bar helps retain water so the scrubber doesn’t need to be dipped in the bucket as often



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