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Foam Suppressor

Formulated to rapidly break up foam, and to maximize the performance of your equipment. It prevents foam from forming in wands and hoses. An excellent additive for parts washing machines.

Format Code
5 L 53156

Spec Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

How To Use

Do not spray directly on carpet or floor.

Carpet extractor: For best results, before starting the water extraction procedure, use the vacuum hose to suction 28-85 ml (1-3 oz) of solution into the recovery tank. De-Foam can also be added directly into the recovery tank. Additional De-Foam may be added during the procedure as required.

Auto-scrubber/wet vacuum: Spray inside the tank and/or directly into vacuum hose before starting pick-up.

Parts washing: Add 28-85 ml (1-3 oz) to the solution reservoir.

Recommended Dilution Rates

Carpet Extractor 28 – 85 ml (1 – 3 oz)
Auto-scrubber, Wet Vacuum Concentrated
Parts Washing 28 – 85 ml (1 – 3 oz)

Where To Use

Use to prevent foam from forming in carpet extractors, auto-scrubbers, wet vacuums and while washing parts.

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