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Urethane-Based Sealer

Gives superior performance and results in easy application, fast drying, excellent colour clarity, high gloss, chemical resistance and long wearing durability.

Format Code
20 L 53512

Product Sheet

Spec Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

How To Use

Preparation: Floors must be thoroughly clean and dry, free of all dirt, oil, grease and wax. Do not apply in humid conditions or at a temperature below 10°C (50°F). Concrete floors should be acid etched if less than 6 months old. This will produce a better bonding surface.

Application: Apply using a lambswool applicator, string mop, roller or similar apparatus. Use light even strokes, rubbing in and spreading to avoid build-up of a heavy film. Subsequent coats must only be applied over a previous coat that is thoroughly dry and hard. Good practice procedures are generally to allow an overnight dry before a subsequent application is made.

Maintenance: Maintain by dust mopping with a treated mop and damp mopping with a neutral detergent. Worn areas may be repaired by “feathering” in a new coat of Polytec.

Coverage: Coverage per 4 L is 33 m² (360 ft²) to 46 m² (500 ft²) depending upon porosity of the floor.


Where To Use

Resilient and non-resilient floors.

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